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I. Overview
HTB Network is the primary provider of business development services for the new, small businesses that are driven by innovation. HTB Network educates, coaches and supports these smaller businesses to help them improve their skills, realize their full potential.
HTB Network is currently funded by consulting services, membership receipts, training programs, ebook sales , affiliate marketing.
II. Requirements
HTB Network selects and appoints one-on-one or a panel of consultants who will provide one or more of the above mentioned services based on the best combination of price and qualifications. Selected consultants will be paid on a fee-for-service basis. Since the services provided by this program will be based on the need of the small businesses served, HTB Network cannot guarantee any minimum payment to selected consultants.

While HTB Network is seeking consultants for this program, the organization anticipates using selected consultants for other programs and technical assistance services.
Selection of consultants will be based on the following evaluation criteria:
1. Experience and qualifications of the consultant;
2. Ability of consultant to serve;
2. Overall quality of program proposal;
4. Pricing structure and related discounts offered by consultant;

III. Registration & Selection
Qualified consultants must include the following information in their responses.
1. Organizational Information: Provide contact information for the person submitting the proposal, information about the legal structure of business, number of years in business, annual gross revenues, number of employees and any other information that you deem relevant.
2. Areas of Expertise: List the areas of expertise from the above list (plus any additional areas
that you think might be useful to small businesses) for which you are proposing to provide
services. For each area of expertise, provide a brief description of the specific types of service
you can provide. Consultants are encouraged to apply in more than one area.
3. Qualifications and Experience: Describe qualifications for providing services listed in item
#2, provide contact information for at least three individuals or small businesses to whom you
have provided services in the areas listed in item #2, describe experience in working with Innovative & Startup Businesses. If applying for more than one area of expertise, please clearly identify the individual(s) who will be assisting in each area.
5. Pricing: Price quoted must be an hourly rate including travel expenses. Discounts from standard pricing should be noted.
IV. Confidentiality
Consultants who work with members chosen for the program (“Members”) will receive confidential and proprietary information (“Confidential Information”) from Members and/or from HTB Network regarding Members. Members will have authorized consultant to disclose such Confidential Information to HTB Network and will have authorized HTB Network to disclose any such Confidential Information regarding Participant that Participant shall have disclosed to it. Consultants will be required to sign an agreement stating
that all information received from Participant or from HTB Network during its participation in the program will be kept confidential and shall not, without prior consent of HTB Network and the Participant, be disclosed or used, other than to Participant or otherwise in connection with its work as a Consultant. Consultant will further be required to
agree that it shall not use Confidential Information for any other purposes.

V. Consultant Selection
In order to be considered for selection, consultants must register or send an email to and cc:

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