How to Select the right product/service to market

Many of us make or will make the mistake of
developing the product first in the area of our skills and then trying to find a market for it. Of course, this certainly is not the best decision or option. The best option is to find a product in the niche market or sub-niche market.

In addition, find a market first that spends money, then find out
what they want and give it to them. It is certainly easier said than done, but there a lot of places online where you can do your market research for free.

This ebook willl tell you the exact places to exact places to invest your time & effort. They’ve done most of the work for you already. You just need to know
to reach these places, search with the right keywords to connect all the dots.
Let me show you the process when trying to brainstorm for ideas.

If you are already aware of trends and current events in the
real world, that is good. If not start reading newspapers each day, magazines,
both general and niche-specific, watch the news, listen to the TV ads. Take notes of the trends and record your thoughts on paper or on a portable voice recorder.

At some point you will have several broad ideas to research. Now is the
to look deeper. This will help you to make sure there is a good market for
the product before you even think of writing/designing & creating a product.
So next is to begin completing the following steps:
Search for trends in the niche, sub-niche..

This ebook will take you step by step to find & decide on the product/service that will be in demand and will sell for a good price and profit.

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