Niche Profits – How To Sell Movies

How To Sell Movies

Reasons Why People Buy Movies

People have many different reasons why they buy products. It’s your job to figure out
what reason(s) will persuade them to buy. The reasons are usually based on emotions
they want to experience rather than logical reasons.

Here are some reasons to get you started:

They want to escape from the reality of life and project themselves in the movie.

They want to learn or discover something new.

They want to be entertained while they have nothing else to do.

They want to be able to relaxed after a hard days work.

They want to see their favorite actor/actress preform.


Types Of Movies To Sell

There are many types of products you can sell. You just need to determine who your
target market is and what specific item they want. Or you could sell a couple different ones
in a package deal.

Here is a good list:

Action Cartoon Adventure Children Fitness

Classic Comedy Fantasy Musicals Educational

Documentary Drama Horror Wholemade Foreign

Mystery Religious Concert Sci-Fi Sports

TV Show Collections Family


Words Or Phrases That Sell Movies

Just one simple word or phrase in your ad copy can be the difference whether a person buys
or not. You need to use ones that will persuasively describe your product. You can use
them for headlines, benefits, features, p’s; etc.

Here are some targeted words and phrases:

great animation for wide screen produced by (name)

box office hit good date movie directed by (name)

star studded cast rated (PG/PD-13/R) in stores now

high budget a true story makes you laugh

movie stars a must see movie scariest ever

top actors available in (format) based on the book

nominated for (x) award winning includes extra screens


Graphics Or Images That Sell Movies

As you may know, pictures can sometimes sell better than words alone. People will project
themselves in the pictures and persuade themselves to buy the product. Even the colors of
your web site and graphics can trigger people to buy.

Here are some imagery ideas:

A picture of some of the most popular actors.

A still shot of an important scene in the movie.

Picture of things in the movie (ex. car, knife, house, etc).

A scene of the type of environment in the movie (ex. water, mountains, tornado, darkness).


Stories That Sell Movies

In most sales letters, audio ads or video ads there is usually a mini story that advertisers
use to attract you to the product. Some people even imagine themselves in the story as
they hear it.

Here are some good story lines:

A trailer of some of the best movie scenes.

An audio of some of the great lines in the movie.

One scene revealed that leaves people wanting to see more.

A story about why an actor decided to do the movie.

A story about how the movie was made or got started.


Backend Products To Sell With Movies

Once a person decides to buy or becomes a customer it is a good idea to offer them another
product soon after because they are already in a buying mood. It’s usually easier to sell to
an existing customer than a brand new prospect.

Here are some add on product ideas:

Bonus footage.

The actual script to the movie.

The music soundtrack to the movie.

The theater poster for the movie.

Different endings to the movie.

Autographed pictures of the top actors.


Bonus Or Content Ideas That Sell Movies

Mainly businesses or affiliates will give people information product bonuses or use content
on their web site to persuade them to buy. They also use them as incentives to get people to
subscribe to their opt-in list.

Here are some bonus or content suggestions:

How to take care of your DVDs.

Your personal review of a movie.

How to get DVD movies for little or no cost.

How to watch movies online or DVD’s with your computer.


Keywords And Phrases That Sell Movies

Tons of people like to promote their products in the search engines or with pay per click
ads because they are a good, high traffic resources. The main objective is to use or pick
the right keywords and phases that will increase your web site ranking or sell the best.

Here are some keywords and phrases to get you started:

dvds buy dvds dvd players dvd rw dvd vcr

dvd discs dvd releases dvd recorders dvd’s dvd software

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clips comedy movies action movies downloadable movies


Special Offers That Sell Movies

A lot of people decide to buy products because of a special offer or deal. People are
always looking of a good bargain or a extra incentive. People use logical reasons to buy
to backup their emotional wants and needs.

Here are some special offers examples:

Buy one movie get a free one for a friend.

Guaranteed to make you (laugh, scream, cry) or your money back.

Get a free bag of microwave popcorn.

Earn points for every movie you buy to get free DVDs.

Referral a friend that buys and get a 50% discount on your next DVD purchase.