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Howtobiz.net is part of Future Planet Networks – a team & a global family where members work together to start business, learn & earn, develop business & income packs. Learn to start & scaleup business.

Membership Fees & shopping cart are social funding revenue used for development activities of howtobiz.net.

Social Entrepreneurs are recommended to join as members. Early startups learn crowdfunding. Attend free webinars, use ebooks to learn build & grow business.

Members get discount coupons for paid webinars and for shopping products & services. Members also get gift certificates to send to and invite friends to join HTB. Active members will also be awarded equity certificates.

HTB ELEEUNI organizes and helps members to organize training workshops, awareness meetups, Green Health Theme Party, Entrepreneur Training & Development workshops, editing, publishing ebooks and Mobibooks.

Have a query, or you have a product/an ebook you want to sell submit it now in the form below…

PS: Some books on HTB Shop come with resell right, MRR and PLR rights. You can sell these ebooks and receive 100% profits.

Objective :

  • Phase I
  • All Members Build a team of members and/or participate in acivities to earn cash, shares & own Income/business Channels.
  • Teams work on a Business Opportunity, Income Opportunity and/or A Social Cause Community Project
  • Participate in group buying, getting discounts and bonus
  • Participate in theme parties, webinars & Seminars for learning and business development
  • Get your own product channel page to generate income
  • Getting Started:
    Join as a member or start with buying an ebook for social funding HTB.
    Submit comments with a link to the product url is the starting point for all members.

    Members are ranked on the basis of activities, member rating of referred products, quality of comments, social media sharing, responses to member queries and group buying participation.

    Plus we will have a dynamically adaptable innovative and scalable business model to adapt member suggestions into the business model.

    • Finding hot products/services and submitting links in comments to hot finds.
    • Submitting product & general comments
    • Buying Products, Sending gifts
    • Participating in Group Buying
    • Attending and organizing Home Business Training, Skill Development Programs
    • Referring two members and helping them to understand the BB System
    • Achieving Social Entrepreneur, Green Social Entrepreneur,Green Planet Ambassador status
    • Building teams & Income Streams</>

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